Gala Achievement Awardees to be Announced in Early February

Thank You for Nominating!

All the nominations are in and we have another fabulous collection of inspirational women from which to select our Awardees! Thank you to each of one of you who took the time to submit.

NEWIEE’s Previous Award Winners:

Achievement Award Leadership Award Rising Star


Cynthia Arcate

Marion Gold

Penni McLean-Conner

Abigail Krich,

Boreas Renewables LLC


Heather Hunt

Nancy Seidman

Sarah Burns

Judith Nitsch,

Nitsch Engineering


Alicia Barton

Elin Swanson Katz

Janet Gail Besser

Patricia Stanton,

Conservation Services Group


Sue Coakley

MaryBeth Gentleman

Rebecca Tepper

Sue Tierney,

Former Assistant Secretary DOE


Sonia Hamel

Edna Karanian

Barbara Kates-Garnick

Joan Bok,

Former Chair, New England Electric System

2011 Nancy Hazard

Denise Nappier

Karen Weber

Mildred Dresselhaus, MIT Professor


Allison Smith, who was well known to many in the energy community, lost her life in a car accident in February 2015. She approached her work on regional electric matters with confidence, respect and grace. She cared deeply about the climate implications of our energy choices, and this passion influenced her choices about her education, her personal pursuits and her work. She is remembered for her intelligence, inquisitive nature and incomparable ability to create good cheer.

In honor of Allison, NESCOE and NEWIEE have teamed up to create the “Allison Smith Rising Star Award” to be given to a woman who has less than ten years’ experience in her field, and who has demonstrated a commitment to and positive impact on her field, both professionally and in her personal endeavors.

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The NEWIEE Awards recognize and celebrate the accomplishment of women leaders in the fields of energy and environment who have achieved professional excellence within their area of specialty and have actively paved the way to success for other women in similar or related professional areas.

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