Mentorship through NEWIEE

2018 Mentorship Program

NEWIEE is piloting its Mentorship Program starting in 2018. The program has two components:

  1. Mentorship via NEWIEE Chapters, offering smaller, interactive, career-focused events;
  2. Mentorship via NEWIEE’s website, offering one-on-one matchups.

The website matchup portion of NEWIEE’s Mentorship Program aims to connect women in the fields of energy and the environment to share expertise and information across all career stages. The program is taking place across the entire New England region.


Mentorship pairs for Round 1 were assigned in July for the 2018 web-based program, which runs through December 2018. The Mentorship Program Subcommittee made 19 matches in Round 1. We had 91 survey participants with a 4 to 1 ratio of mentees to mentors.

Mentors are still needed for Round 1! Please fill out the matchup survey at any time.

After a period of evaluation, we anticipate to share a report on Round 1 and to launch Round 2 toward the end of January 2019. To be notified of opportunities to participate as a mentor or mentee in the next round, join NEWIEE’s mailing list.

About NEWIEE's Mentorship Matchup Program


  • Members of the NEWIEE Board and Advisory Board
  • NEWIEE Awardees
  • Leaders in the energy and environment industry


  • Students
  • Young professionals
  • Mid-career professionals

NEWIEE Mentorship Program Details


  • June: Prospective participants complete the online survey.
  • July: NEWIEE Website Matchups Subcommittee assigns mentors to mentees.
  • By July 30th: Mentorship Program assignments confirmed via email introduction from NEWIEE.
  • August to mid-December: Mentorship pairs meet in person and/or by telephone and independently arrange their meetings and communications.
  • December 15th: Phase I of the 2018 NEWIEE Mentorship Matchup Program wraps up. The NEWIEE Website Matchups Subcommittee will request feedback from the mentor/mentee pairs via a post-program survey and incorporate these responses in planning Phase II of the pilot Website Mentorship Matchup Program cycle.


The survey asks for your contact information, location, logistical requirements, goals for participation in the mentorship program, level and type of expertise, and other information that will help us match you. The NEWIEE Website Matchups Subcommittee will assign mentors to mentees. An email introduction to mentorship pairs from NEWIEE will open the dialogue between the two parties.


NEWIEE recommends that mentorship pairs meet in person, if possible, early on in the program. Mentorship pairs can then arrange future meetings and discuss their goals. NEWIEE is not responsible for the success of a mentorship pairing, as each pair will have different needs and objectives. The Mentorship Program suggests that participants continue to engage within the timeline of August to mid-December. Mentorship pairs may decide to end their contact at any time and return the feedback questionnaire to NEWIEE.

Questions about Mentorship?

Email Mentorship Committee Chair, Muriel Robinette, at

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