Contributing Membership

You are invited to join NEWIEE as a contributing member. By becoming a contributing member, you will gain access to exclusive benefits. For example, only contributing members can be included within the NEWIEE Speakers Bureau, view employment listings, and access the Contributing Member Directory.

Contributing members also have access to NEWIEE events open only to contributing members and will receive a discount on tickets to the Annual Awards Gala, among other events. When NEWIEE receives offers for free or discounted admission to conferences and events from local organizers, these offers are made available only to contributing members.

But, most importantly, by purchasing a contributing membership, you help NEWIEE continue to provide free and low-cost educational and networking events that have done so much for women all over New England in the environment and energy sectors. Without contributing memberships, we would have no NEWIEE.

If you are unable to become a contributing member at this time, you can still keep up with all NEWIEE news and events by signing up for the newsletter. Click Subscribe at the top of the page!


Individual Memberships

  • Individual Membership ($100/year)
  • Individual Government/Non-Profit/Student Membership ($50/year)

Organization Memberships

  • Corporate Membership ($1,000/year)
    • For-profit companies employing more than three individuals
    • Includes up to 12 individual memberships for current employees
  • Government/Non-Profit/Academic Organization Membership ($500/year)
    • Section 501c3 organizations,  municipal, state and federal government entities,
      and academic institutions
    • Includes up to 12 individual memberships for current employees 
  • Small Business Membership ($250/year)
    • For-profit companies employing three or fewer individuals
    • Includes up to three individual memberships for current employees


NEWIEE has moved to a new database that requires everyone with an existing NEWIEE account to create a new password. To access the system and update your information, please click here: Reset Password Link. You will be directed to enter your email address and will then receive a Reset Password Link via your email. When you click the link, you will find a list of the NEWIEE accounts connected to your email. You can then create a new login and password for your account.


  • Inclusion within the NEWIEE Speakers Bureau
  • Access to employment listings
  • Discounts and free admission to certain conferences and events
  • Access to events open only to Contributing Members
  • Access to the Contributing Member Directory
  • Discounted NEWIEE Annual Gala tickets
  • Networking and mentoring opportunities
  • Opportunities to connect with inspiring women in energy and the environment
  • Education, leadership, career development and social occasions
  • Supporting an organization that benefits New England women in the environment and energy sectors
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