Dr. Jacqueline AshmoreVice-President

Dr. Jacqueline Ashmore is the Director of Research and Outreach Activities for Boston University’s Institute for Sustainable Energy, and is a clean energy and sustainability expert with a decade of experience in technology, business, and policy spheres. Most recently, Jacqueline was Engineering Program Manager at the Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems, where she oversaw the development of an innovative residential solar systems with dramatically reduced installation costs for the residential market. Previously, she was the Director for Program Development at the Union of Concerned Scientists, establishing new directions for the organization’s climate and energy analyses used to inform policymakers and the public.

Jacqueline’s focus on clean energy technology, business, and policy builds on prior experiences leading the Science and Innovation team at the British Consulate General Boston, and leading technology development projects to develop hardware and software prototypes in the private sector.

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