Sonia HamelAdvisor

Sonia Hamel is a principal at Hamel Environmental Consulting. Ms. Hamel consults to foundations, non-profits and governments in the areas of climate, energy and transportation policy. Recent clients include: the Environmental League of Massachusetts, The Georgetown Climate Center, The State Smart Transportation Initiative, The British Embassy in Washington, DC, The Energy Foundation, The Barr Foundation, Ceres, The Union of Concerned Scientists, and The New England Clean Energy Council. Sonia frequently also consults to states as they develop their energy, climate and transportation programs and policies. Ms. Hamel has more than 30 years of experience, much of it for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, where served in the Office for Commonwealth Development. There, she coordinated air quality, energy and climate protection programs, coordinated The Massachusetts Climate Protection Plan and guided the state’s effort to create the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), a regional cap and trade program for the electric sector.

Previously, Sonia was Massachusetts Director of Air Policy and Planning for 10 years working to develop one of the most aggressive air pollution programs in the U.S., with a focus on vehicle emission standards and power plant clean up. She was part of the team to develop the nation’s first carbon regulations and coordinated the New England Governors’ and Eastern Canadian Premiers Climate Action Plan in 2001, a sub-national climate plan and the first international climate agreement in the U.S. She was instrumental in the fight to maintain requirements for cleaner cars in the Commonwealth and throughout the US and is a big proponent of cleaner car technologies.

Sonia has worked on climate issues since 1994 when she was appointed to the White House Advisory Committee on Transportation and Greenhouse Gas Emissions. The first 12 years of her career were spent doing environmental and policy analysis and public participation programs for the Transportation Agencies of the Boston Metropolitan Area at the Central Transportation Planning Staff.

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